Summer training camp Hanuman Gym Praha !!!

It is a long term tradition  to have a summer training camp specialized on technique, fixing combat combinations, theory of fight and physical improvement.

Timetable: 7:30 - waking - up time, morning run and warm - up, breakfast, relaxation, morning techniques (drills), lunch, relaxation, afternoon sparings, dinner, evening - watching fights  (video + analysises),  lights-out.

Accomodation  for course II (fighters) and course III (beginners) is the same as the last year in Vysoké nad Jizerou, Hotel Větrov (!!! WARNING !!! Accommodation for MMA will be specify soon, different hotel.). 

Price is only 5 000 CZK and includes complete service - accommodation, full board (meal 3 times a day)  and full trainings (3 times a day). In the case of bad weather training will be carried  out in gym or outside pavilion.

Transport: ensure by yourself, not included in price of the camp.

Important dates:
MMA - arrival 24.7.2009 - friday evening, starts by the dinner, trainings from 25.7. (morning) to 31.7. (lunch).
THAIBOX A fighters - arrival 1.8.2009 - saturday evening, starts by the dinner, trainings from 2.8. (morning) to 8.8. (lunch).
THAIBOX B begginers - arrival 9.8. 2009 (sunday evening), starts by the dinner, trainings from 10.8. (morning) to 16.8. (dinner).  

Please, send applications to email address petr@gladius.cz.
P.S.: It is enough to write down your name, the date of birth and selected course.

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